Magnetic Acts Full of Charm and Entertainment

Some occasions warrant more than the usual forms of celebration, gaiety and laughter. After all, most gala dinners tend to conform to the norm of such parties. There will be the usual drinks and dinner, with some entertaining acts thrown in. At times, the event could even feature acts that could easily qualify as children’s entertainment. In fact, most official parties and dinners tend to revolve around the same events and format. Given this scenario, why would you want your next cocktail party to be another mundane affair?

At Entertainment Emporium, we make each event a moment for enjoyment and celebration. After all, life is uncertain and keeps throwing many surprises your way. Hence, why should your special evening or party be such a standard affair, devoid of fun and frolic? Therefore, we present a mix and match of fun, personality, memories and food in a heady cocktail. It is the perfect recipe for an occasion to remember.

To highlight our unique variety in entertainment, we use burlesque acts Melbourne to great effect. In fact, a burlesque hen’s party remains an event that womenfolk enjoy immensely. Traditionally, burlesque acts Melbourne depict serious literary, dramatic or musical works in a ludicrous fashion. In other words, they end up presenting caricatured versions of the more renowned works of art. This, in turn, leads to many occasions for amusement and fun, which the audiences lap up. In fact, the word ‘burlesque’ comes from the Italian word ‘burlesco’ or ‘burla’, which means a joke or mockery.

Most burlesque acts feature a potent fusion of comic and serious elements. This fusion contrives to achieve a grotesque effect. Therefore, you can add risqué innovations into a piece of classical theatre or serious opera. It will be perfect for creating entertaining and amusing parodies or satires. Therefore, if you decide to opt for a burlesque hen’s party, we will ensure that you get the perfect setting for a grand occasion. You will get splendid costumes, elaborate sets, fantastic lighting and music to set the mood. Each of these will metamorphose into an invisible character on the stage. In effect, each will contribute to providing an exquisite extravaganza.

To enhance the effect, you could even accommodate some circus performers into your act. The inclusion of such performers indulging in acts like contortions etc. could enliven the evening. In fact, many burlesque acts often use fire shows to enhance the novelty of the act. For example, fire acts performed by circus performers can provide an added allure to the burlesque act. Other circus performers like stilt walkers etc. can keep the audience entertained throughout the event. Several hosts like having their guests welcomed by people walking on stilts. This can serve as a novel way of welcoming guests. Further, it also keeps the guests guessing about what is next on the agenda. This prevents any act or entertainment from becoming boring or drab. Besides, it keeps the audience regaled throughout the event.

If you think that your avenues for entertainment remain confined to burlesque acts or acts aimed at amusing children, think again. With us, the sky is the limit when it comes to providing a fun-filled evening for our guests. Therefore, our complete range of entertainment includes other performers and events too. These include dance acts, bands, DJs, live art, roller skating acts etc. In short, for a one-stop solution to all your entertainment needs, we can add the ‘gala’ to your dinner or the ‘extravagant’ to your extravaganza.

If you are planning a corporate event that entails party entertainment or children’s entertainment, call us on 0415 103 628. With a host of entertaining acts, performers and options, we can give you an evening to remember. We can also customise your entertainment and make it tailor-made to suit your audience. Above all, if you need to impress your corporate clients, we have what it takes to accomplish that as well. At the Entertainment Emporium, you get a host of solutions for all your entertaining needs. With us at your side, rest assured that your guests would remember the occasion for many evenings to come.