Living Tables

Introducing The Living Moving Tables


Crossing glamour and elegance with high art, our luscious performers reinvent the table. We glide through any event serving food, drink or unique products from our delectible skirts.

Make your next event adventurous with the unique and ingenious Moving Tables. These one of a kind interactive mobile-costumed performers are designed to appeal to all types of events from formal corporate functions, big events and launches to relaxed informal happenings and openings!

The Moving Tables is the ultimate food and product presentation, combining décor, moving installation and entertainment.

The Moving Tables move – effortlessly and gracefully among your guests, creating an entrancing effect reminiscent of magical realism. They are capable of complimenting even the most neutral of settings.

They can be used to add a little extra eye candy to your happening or you can use them as a main feature, your event will be an extravaganza!!

We can create this act in specific colours and styles, allowing clients to display their company branding, unique product or delicious catering with dramatic impact and we can make as many as you require.

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