Circus Entertainment – Top Five Reasons behind the Popularity

Corporate events, music festivals and private parties have demands of diverse performances and different forms of entertainment. The diversity is best fulfilled by circus entertainment which makes it extremely popular and apt for social events and functions. Let’s know more about the top five reasons behind the growing popularity of circus entertainment.

  •  Circus entertainment is simply amazing and fits seamlessly in almost every party and function. The theme and mood can be customized and designed to suit your preferences. The versatility of circus entertainment definitely makes it an obvious choice for different corporate events and parties.
  •  Circus entertainment acts, dance performances and magic show definitely inspires the audience to try the dance moves or magic tricks.
  •  For product launch events and advertisement drives, circus entertainment tends to attract a lot of attention. The photos associated with the event are shared on social networking sites thereby giving marketing an easy push.
  •  With bright colours and beautiful costumes used for circus entertainment, you are assured of an electrifying and lively entertainment.
  •  Circus entertainment provides a range of interactive acts and performances which creates a truly amazing and entertaining experience

Fire Shows – Benefits of Spinning Fire Poi

Fire shows which involve playing with the Poi are more than just a beautiful art. Practising Poi spinning actually goes well beyond fire shows because of the associated health benefits for the performers. Music plays a significant role in fire shows where the performers perform a perfect show irrespective of the chosen theme. There are myriad equipment used for fire shows which includes fire poi, fire swords, fire skipping ropes, fire hula hoops, fire fans and many more.
Fire shows can be dangerous hence adequate safety measures are always recommended. However, the benefit of spinning fire poi adds a different perspective to the fire shows. Let’s discuss about the various physical and mental benefits associated with fire poi. Some of the key physical benefits are:

  •  Fire shows involving fire poi definitely helps in stretching, muscle toning and improving joint flexibility of the performers.
  •  Aerobic workout
  •  Fire performers performing with poi easily strengthen their arms, wrists and fingers along with a strengthened cardio vascular system while they play with the poi.
  •  Improves body posture
  •  Brings in a sense of rhythm

The mental benefits include:

  •  Quick reflexes and improved hand eye co-ordination.
  •  Develops focus and concentration.
  •  Reduces stress levels and develops self-esteem.

In short, fire shows where the performers play with the poi not only enthrals the audience with the unique acts but also provides additional health benefits to the performers.

Fire Acts – Beautiful Fire Dancing Performance

Fire acts which involve dancing performance merged with items on fire ensures amazing entertainment which is bound to mesmerize any audience. When done properly along with all the safety precautions in place, fire acts can be such a spectacular show for any event. The fascination with fire entertainment has a long history and has always enchanted the human mind. Fire acts have fire dancing merged with various other acts like juggling, gymnastics, baton twirling etc. Fire acts become the centrepiece for many events where dancers will perform with flammable items.
There are myriad categories of fire dancing acts usually performed as part of fire acts; however the most common categories would be fire eating acts, fire breathing, fire poi performance and fire staves. Fire acts can be dangerous which makes safety extremely important for the fire dancers. Fire eating acts involves fire acts where the dancers have lighted brands attached to their hands and end their performance with a fire eating display. Fire breathing involves flammable fuel in the mouth which is ignited to create a flaming jet. Fire acts involving fire poi is an art where dancers play with poi creating swirling dance moves. Fire staves are much safer when compared with fire poi and a good choice for beginners

Burlesque Acts Melbourne – Themed shows for your Event

Burlesque acts Melbourne is a unique art of entertainment which is extremely popular for a range of events from private parties to corporate events and product launches. The variety of burlesque acts Melbourne is simply huge because of the varying demands. There are burlesque acts Melbourne where the performers incorporate their circus and dance skills into their shows. While the audience for burlesque acts Melbourne has grown considerably, so have the demands for sophistication.
Entertainment Emporium is committed to provide themed shows for your event with our burlesque performers providing an electrifying and entertaining show for your guests. With your choice of the theme, our performers will come dressed in fabulous costumes and amaze everyone with their sultry dance moves. Our themed burlesque acts Melbourne offers the best way to get any crowd going and definitely your guests wouldn’t want to leave.
You can either choose from classic cabaret, burlesque to your choice of dance, our burlesque performers will dazzle and delight everyone with their sexy costumes and sassy dance moves. With several years of burlesque experience, Entertainment Emporium offers amazing acts for private parties, corporate events and live shows. To know more on Burlesque acts Melbourne, kindly contact us

Acrobats Melbourne – Elegant, Graceful and Powerful Acts

Acrobats Melbourne combines their strength with grace to create unique aerial acts and amazing performances. Acrobats Melbourne performs incredible contortions by using elements of gymnastics and dance. Entertainment Emporium specializes in providing the best acrobats Melbourne to grace your special occasions and events. Acrobats Melbourne presents a new perspective where they strive to push their physical limitations and provide enhancing performances.
Extremely popular with their exciting acts across the world, acrobats Melbourne can often be seen in circus performances. Acrobatic acts have a glorious history that has been influenced by various cultures. Acrobats Melbourne performs aerial acts which exhibit their strength, balance and agility. There are various different types of acrobatic acts performed by acrobats Melbourne which includes particular skill sets perfected through rigorous training sessions.
Acrobats Melbourne includes various different types of performers like trapeze artists, contortionists, gymnasts, jugglers, tightrope walker etc. There are various different acts where the acrobats Melbourne perform with animals thereby showcasing their balance and strength. Entertainment Emporium is committed to provide the best possible entertainment for your event. We also provide customized themes tailored to suit your preferences. To know more about acrobats Melbourne and other details with respect to the performances, kindly contact us.

Circus Entertainment – Important checklist for Safety Regulations

Circus entertainment is all about fun and frolic yet there are genuine safety concerns associated with each performance and act performed as part of circus entertainment. This makes safety checklist an important and mandatory requirement for circus entertainment. Training, maintenance and precautions have extremely important roles to play during the dangerous circus acts. Each and every member of the circus entertainment group should have undergone required training courses and have appropriate permits. A licensed nurse should be always available for any kind of medical emergency. Protective clothing for the performers along with required safety equipment and arrangements should be ensured.
Safety inspection plays a great role in reducing risks of the acts performed during circus entertainment shows. Clothing and every apparatus used during the act must be inspected before the show to ensure that they are ready for use without any damage. Circus entertainment companies need to have different types of insurance to ensure protection from any medical or accident liabilities. Depending on the size of audience, there should be clearly marked exits and the escape routes should be inspected during the shows to guarantee safe evacuation in case of any emergency. Adequate ventilation is required for circus entertainment acts involving fire.
For all kinds of aerial acts, there must be required safety equipment in place which includes the harness, nets, spotters, foam mattresses etc. Fire acts are extremely entertaining and guarantee an astounding experience; however there is always an element of risk involved. Because of the risk, circus entertainment involving fire acts must have adequate safety precautions in place for fire safety. Fire resistant clothing, fire extinguishers, first aid kit and a fire safety specialist is mandatory for such type of circus entertainment. For animal acts, there must be trained handlers, sufficient distance and barriers to ensure safety of the audience. It is always recommended to consult professionals who can provide entertaining yet safe circus entertainment.