Stilt Walking

Here at Entertainment Emporium we believe that it is the little things that make events magical. Our not so little stilt walking performers offer our customers an enchanting experience that is loved by all age groups. We offer a range of stilt walking acts to meet your entertainment and event needs. Our highly trained and stilt walkers will wow and amaze your guests at your next event. To make a booking or enquire about one of our stilt walking performers please use the form below.

Let us help you you choose the best stilt walking acts to suit your event!

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Here is a sampling of just a few of the Stilt Walking Performers we have available for your event needs:

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Geisha Girls  Stilt Walkers    
These elegant, majestic, beautiful and slightly cheeky Geisha Girls on stilts will simply take your breath away! Your guests will be enthralled by their performance and will be talking about your event long after it is over.            


For more info on Geisha Girls


Frilled Neck Lizards Stilt Walkers  
Imagine for a moment two dynamic dancing lizards, intricately body-painted and performing for your guests at your next event! Your guests will be delighted and entertained by this highly skilled performance artist. This Frilled neck lizard is a must for Australian themed and outdoor events.   
For more info on the Frilled Neck Lizards


China Dolls Stilt Walkers  
Standing tall, the China Dolls are elegant, sweet and beautiful! Let these ladies entice your guests with their amazing personality and stunning performances. They are skilled, beautiful, and a true delight for the senses. 
For more info on the China Dolls


Disco Frisco Stilt Walkers  
Disco Frisco is fun wrapped up in the hippest 70′s fashion. These are the funkiest funksters on the block and they are ready to party at your next event!        
For more info on Disco Frisco


Stilt Ninja’s Stilt Walkers  
Stilt Ninja’s bring a whole new meaning to the term Stilt Walking. Their Dynamic and suspenseful combat stilt dance will leave you and your guests wondering how you could have gone all your life without ever seeing this performance before! They will excite your guests as they bring new meaning to the term “combat stilt dance”                


For more info on the Stilt Ninja’s


The Professor & his Puppet Stilt Walkers  
Timeless delights, this Stilt Walking act has everything that you would want in a performance. Fun, light hearted, and entertaining, this act of human puppetry comes fresh from a fairytale!       
For more info on The Professor & his Puppet


Kangaroo Jill
Kangaroo Jill is a Unique Australian character that enters the performance bouncing on her aerodynamically sprung stilts! She is a joy and a delight and she will leave your audience with a feeling of country pride as she embarks on her Kangaroo Journey and takes you along for the ride.
For more info on Kangaroo Jill


Christmas Angel
Your event isn’t complete without the beautiful and gentle Christmas Angel. Her angelic presence will evoke the Christmas spirit!    
For more info on Christmas Characters 

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