Roving Acts

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Roving Acts

Here at Entertainment Emporium we take a great deal of pride in the roving acts we have available for your entertainment needs. We offer a wide range of roving acts that are performed by the best in the business. Our talented performers are charming, artistic, and entertaining.

If you are planning an event or a circus show contact us today to enquire about our roving acts and find out how we can turn your next event into a masterpiece.

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Roller Skating

Disco Roller Girl

Want to have your party started off right?

Invite our disco roller girl!

Our roller disco girl will take your breath away. When she comes gliding into your event her spinning and flying is show to delight and enchant your guests.  – She is the life of the party!

For more info on Disco Roller Girl 
The Orbs
Cool Funny Kooky!
If you are looking to create a surreal and minimalist experience you will want to hire The Orbs for your next event. The Orbs create striking and beautiful images against architecture, urban landscapes and interiors.

Roving Giant Snails

Harnessed and ridden by a pair of woodland imps, the giant hairy snails slide their way along streets, malls and parklands to the amazement of onlookers. This is a must have roving act for those that are looking to add amazement and wonder to their event


Synchronised snorkeling at its best! Who needs to be in the water to have this much fun!!
Vintage Show Girls

These Beautiful vintage show girls come with their own photo booth. Your guests will be delighted and enchanted with this fun and interactive act.

They offer a roving and meet and greet service. They also offer performance options that are available upon request. Book in for them today or enquire by filling out the booking for about how to add these lovely show girls to your next event.
Roving and meet and greet. Performance options also available.



 A tasty slice of black comedy, where entertainment comes with silver service.Chef’s prize dish is on the menu, but it’s a little undercooked….

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