Majestic Performers to Bedazzle Your Audiences

Events have come a long way from the times when business and corporate houses used them as platforms for providing publicity. A few decades back, events remained the prime preserve of the big corporate houses and industries. Corporate events were costly affairs. Holding one entailed managing budgets for expenses like food, drinks, venue charges etc. The larger the crowd, the greater the facilities needed. Hence, it follows that conducting an event required an organiser to have deep pockets.

Because of the costs associated with conducting events, business houses and enterprises held such events sparingly. Usually, the event would concern the launch of new products or services. Goodwill in the market and positive publicity go hand in hand. On such occasions, whipping up some media representatives and giving them free samples was a sure-fire way to win positive reviews. On other occasions, corporate houses would conduct events for a niche audience – usually those in the senior management. Occasionally, the event would enable the senior leadership to bring their family too.

The trend prevailing nowadays goes well beyond media releases, announcements of new products and services etc. Moreover, businesses enterprises – from small to large – conduct at least one corporate event annually. The main idea continues to revolve around obtaining positive publicity. However, the events have also become platforms where colleagues and subordinates can bond with their formal co-workers in informal setups. Given that team-based working environments continue to be on the rise, greater bonding denotes enhanced productivity levels.

Food, drink and facilities remain the topmost priorities for any event planner or organiser. They will usually consume the highest portion of the budget allocated to the event too. However, event organisers seldom have to spend too much time on them. The number of people comprising the audience is sufficient to give them a pointer to the seating capacity of the venue they need. Depending on the kind of function or event planned, they would need a ramp or stage. This would be ideal for conducting the focal point of the event. The event organisers can also easily obtain a variety of options in terms of the menu on offer. However, as long as food and drinks are available in sufficient quantities – and varieties – they cease to be showstoppers.

An area where event organisers can make mistakes lies in the entertainment options they offer. Inappropriate or monotonous performers could transform a successful event into a fiasco. At the very least, it could result in people remembering the event for the wrong reasons. This is why the rise in the number of businesses conducting events has led to a corresponding increase in event organisers. These organisers are adept at managing everything connected with staging an event. From the venue to the menu and from the entertainment options to the main function – they manage it all. Additionally, they have their fingers on the pulse of those people who make the event a success – the audience.

An entertainment agency can take all the worries associated with an event off your head. At the Entertainment Emporium, that is exactly what we do. We make each event a moment of fun and celebration. To achieve this, we present a potent combination of fun, personality, entertaining performers, memories and food. It is the perfect recipe for an occasion to remember. In our opinion, people can seldom remain unaffected by the human touch at any event. Therefore, we heighten the human connection at each event. By doing so, we increase the engagement levels with the audience. This is why we remain among the most sought after entertainment agencies in Australia.

To give your guests an unforgettable experience, you need entertainers and performers par excellence. You must also have a range of entertaining acts that keep the audience engaged – and applauding. Some popular entertainment avenues you could explore for your event include:

  • Comedians: Imbue a serious event with a touch of humour. Our comedians are adept at providing family-friendly entertainment. Whenever needed, they can even step into the world of risqué jokes and off-colour language too.
  • Magicians: Magicians have moved from the domain of entertaining children at parties to corporate events too. Our magicians keep the audience enthralled and engaged by getting them to participate in the show as volunteers too.
  • Fire Performers: Playing with fire comes naturally to our talented and skilled fire performers. From individual fire acts to fire shows, their ability to amaze your audience will set your pulse racing.
  • Acrobats in Melbourne: Gauge the astounding capabilities of our acrobats in Melbourne. Their extraordinary feats of strength, balance and flexibility will leave you gasping for breath.
  •  Burlesque acts in Melbourne: From individual acts to burlesque shows in Melbourne, we have performers who can bring you experiences that are classic as well as sultry.
  • Circus Entertainment: Enliven your event with our range of circus entertainers like stilt walkers, aerial and trapeze artistes etc.


If you are planning a corporate event that entails roving entertainment or children’s entertainment, call us at 0415 103 628. We have a wide range of entertaining acts, performers and options, designed to give you an evening to remember. At the Entertainment Emporium, we specialise in making events out of functions.