Fire Acts – Beautiful Fire Dancing Performance

Fire acts which involve dancing performance merged with items on fire ensures amazing entertainment which is bound to mesmerize any audience. When done properly along with all the safety precautions in place, fire acts can be such a spectacular show for any event. The fascination with fire entertainment has a long history and has always enchanted the human mind. Fire acts have fire dancing merged with various other acts like juggling, gymnastics, baton twirling etc. Fire acts become the centrepiece for many events where dancers will perform with flammable items.
There are myriad categories of fire dancing acts usually performed as part of fire acts; however the most common categories would be fire eating acts, fire breathing, fire poi performance and fire staves. Fire acts can be dangerous which makes safety extremely important for the fire dancers. Fire eating acts involves fire acts where the dancers have lighted brands attached to their hands and end their performance with a fire eating display. Fire breathing involves flammable fuel in the mouth which is ignited to create a flaming jet. Fire acts involving fire poi is an art where dancers play with poi creating swirling dance moves. Fire staves are much safer when compared with fire poi and a good choice for beginners