Fire Shows – Benefits of Spinning Fire Poi

Fire shows which involve playing with the Poi are more than just a beautiful art. Practising Poi spinning actually goes well beyond fire shows because of the associated health benefits for the performers. Music plays a significant role in fire shows where the performers perform a perfect show irrespective of the chosen theme. There are myriad equipment used for fire shows which includes fire poi, fire swords, fire skipping ropes, fire hula hoops, fire fans and many more.
Fire shows can be dangerous hence adequate safety measures are always recommended. However, the benefit of spinning fire poi adds a different perspective to the fire shows. Let’s discuss about the various physical and mental benefits associated with fire poi. Some of the key physical benefits are:

  •  Fire shows involving fire poi definitely helps in stretching, muscle toning and improving joint flexibility of the performers.
  •  Aerobic workout
  •  Fire performers performing with poi easily strengthen their arms, wrists and fingers along with a strengthened cardio vascular system while they play with the poi.
  •  Improves body posture
  •  Brings in a sense of rhythm

The mental benefits include:

  •  Quick reflexes and improved hand eye co-ordination.
  •  Develops focus and concentration.
  •  Reduces stress levels and develops self-esteem.

In short, fire shows where the performers play with the poi not only enthrals the audience with the unique acts but also provides additional health benefits to the performers.