Circus Entertainment – Important checklist for Safety Regulations

Circus entertainment is all about fun and frolic yet there are genuine safety concerns associated with each performance and act performed as part of circus entertainment. This makes safety checklist an important and mandatory requirement for circus entertainment. Training, maintenance and precautions have extremely important roles to play during the dangerous circus acts. Each and every member of the circus entertainment group should have undergone required training courses and have appropriate permits. A licensed nurse should be always available for any kind of medical emergency. Protective clothing for the performers along with required safety equipment and arrangements should be ensured.
Safety inspection plays a great role in reducing risks of the acts performed during circus entertainment shows. Clothing and every apparatus used during the act must be inspected before the show to ensure that they are ready for use without any damage. Circus entertainment companies need to have different types of insurance to ensure protection from any medical or accident liabilities. Depending on the size of audience, there should be clearly marked exits and the escape routes should be inspected during the shows to guarantee safe evacuation in case of any emergency. Adequate ventilation is required for circus entertainment acts involving fire.
For all kinds of aerial acts, there must be required safety equipment in place which includes the harness, nets, spotters, foam mattresses etc. Fire acts are extremely entertaining and guarantee an astounding experience; however there is always an element of risk involved. Because of the risk, circus entertainment involving fire acts must have adequate safety precautions in place for fire safety. Fire resistant clothing, fire extinguishers, first aid kit and a fire safety specialist is mandatory for such type of circus entertainment. For animal acts, there must be trained handlers, sufficient distance and barriers to ensure safety of the audience. It is always recommended to consult professionals who can provide entertaining yet safe circus entertainment.