Fire Acts – General Fire Safety Guidelines

Fire acts can be adapted into diverse performances which can add a brilliant spectacular to your event. However, one needs to be extremely safe with fire considering the risks involved. Entertainment Emporium is committed to strict fire safety guidelines which involve checking of fire regulations and risk assessments. We also provide risk assessments for your event and venue to ensure highly entertaining yet safe fire acts. Basic fire safety procedures involve keeping the escape routes clear along with signs posted. In case of any fire or emergency, the staffs are responsible for safe evacuation. All the performers and other staff involved during fire acts are trained with basic fire safety regulations.
The fire extinguishers and fire blankets must be regularly checked and maintained. Fire alarms and smoke detection systems need to be checked and serviced quarterly. For most fire acts, the following basic requirements need to be holding good for the venue.

  •  The ceiling height should preferably be at least 4 meters.
  •  Depending on the number of performers for the fire acts, there should be at least 4 square meters of performance area.
  •  In case of any décor hanging from the ceiling, there should at least be a height clearance of 4 meters.
  •  For all types of fire acts, it is usually recommended to leave at least 3 meters clearance from the audience.
  •  In order to keep the performance area clear, there should be adequate security arrangements for the event.

It is absolutely mandatory to have safety precautions in place for any kind of fire acts. A burn kit should be ensured for every performance. The performers should ideally wear fire resistant clothing which has been chemically treated with fire-repellent chemicals. Fire acts require amazing coordination and swift hands. With all the safety arrangements in place, you can just sit back and enjoy the brilliance of fire acts.