Fire Acts – Turn up the Heat for an Enthralling Experience

Fire performers can turn up the heat at your event with a brilliant display of fire acts. Vastly experienced fire performers combine drama, dance, movement, choreography and performance to ensure amazing fire acts which will definitely impress everyone. The dance moves along with the fire acts are carefully managed to ensure sync with the beat of the music. Entertainment Emporium provides professional fire entertainers, fire spinners and fire eaters along with necessary props and party equipments. Our performers demonstrate amazing fire acts in poi, juggling, eating and breathing fire.
Fire acts definitely creates a wonderful ambience which ensures that the guests are in for a truly enchanting experience. The fire acts are always delivered with great energy and skills which makes them an impressive and unforgettable part of any party. The best part about fire acts is the element of anticipation which keeps the guests glued to their seats. Entertainment Emporium provides unique and versatile fire acts which can also be customized as per the need of the customer. An unique blend of light and dance is assured with the fire acts being presented in myriad forms. Fire acts are best appreciated during evening shows which can definitely grace any special occasion.
Fire acts need a lot of discipline, experience and variety which can add excitement and bling to any event. There are several fiery tools and techniques which are used during fire acts. The high impact fire acts can be easily choreographed performed to one of your favourite music. Right precautions and adherence to safety procedures will definitely guarantee an enriching experience with the fire acts. Fire can be extremely entertaining, but one should be really careful while dealing with the props. At Entertainment Emporium, we take care of all your belongings and guarantee a grand success for your party.