Fire Shows – Safety Standards and Protocols

Fire safety should be of highest priority for all types of fire shows. No doubt Fire shows are filled with fun, excitement and energy but they can be equally dangerous. In order to guarantee safety for everyone, it is important to know and follow fire safety protocols. By ensuring adherence to simple fire safety guidelines, we can relish the beauty of fire shows in a safe manner. Entertainment Emporium is committed to follow the highest standards of safety while performing with fire. Our fire performers are highly skilled, trained and vastly experienced which ensures a fiery performance which is equally safe.
Lets know more about some of the simple safety tips which can definitely ensure safe fire shows. Ensure that the fuel used for the fire shows is cleaning burning fuel with limited smoke and fumes. Also make sure to check every tool and squeeze them out to reduce any excess fuel which in turn eliminates any fuel drip. Before every show, all the tools should be carefully checked for any flaws in order to ensure that the tool is safe to be used for fire shows. A dedicated safety crew experienced in extinguishing different types of flames is a must for fire shows.
For fire shows on commercial property one may need fire permit from the local fire department. Entertainment Emporium specializes in fire shows and fire entertainment which will definitely mesmerize your guests. We also provide customized fire shows which are tailored to meet your needs. Prepare to be enamoured by the sassy, sensational and skilled fire shows. Our fire shows provide an amalgamation of contemporary style along with special effects, acrobatics, technical tricks and much more which creates an outstanding show. To know about the different types of fire shows offered by us, contact us now.