Some fun entertainment ideas to make the party memorable

There are three main pre requisites to making a party a grand success-food, hospitality, and of course, entertainment. Give your clients a good dose of entertainment, and they will remember your party for a long time to come. From some sassy burlesque acts for a hens night, to some intelligent magic acts, or adventurous fire acts for a sophisticated gathering at a corporate event, there is whole world of options available out there.

Keeping in mind the occasion, theme of the party, guest profile, and your personal preferences you can choose the kind of entertainment you want for your guests. Here are some really cool entertainment ideas that can make your party an event to remember:

Burlesque acts: Whether you are hosting a small party or a grand bash, burlesque acts at Melbourne parties are always a hit. You can choose a completely raunchy, sexy performance or an elegant, sophisticated performance depending on your theme and event needs. You can plan individual Burlesque acts for Melbourne parties wherein a seductive diva can enchant your guests and leave them in awe, or you can go for a complete burlesque show wherein pretty ladies can entertain your guests with some hot cabaret or a full length burlesque show.

Hosting a hens night? There cannot be a better way of celebrating your last day of singlehood than having a burlesque night. The sassy burlesque acts at your Melbourne hens night will leave the guests delighted and super entertained!

Circus entertainment: Many people feel that circus is an entertainment just for the kids, but this notion is far from reality. Circus entertainment can be planned around a theme, and tailored to suit event needs. You can choose from a variety of circus acts to jazz up your party. Hoola hoop acts are an all time favourite circus entertainment amongst both kids and grown-ups. The aerial and trapeze acts performed by professionals leave the audience mesmerized. Hand balancing acts are another popular type of circus entertainment. They are sure to leave your guests longing for more.

Fire shows: Fire acts can spark up any party, and impress even the most demanding of guests. These acts performed by highly skilled fire artists can enliven the atmosphere, and make your party an event to remember for the lifetime. Fire shows such as high energy fire dancing, majestic fire wings, fire eating, alluring fire breathing and others leave the guests spellbound.

Stilt walkers: If you want some “out of ordinary” entertainment for your guests, then stilt walkers are a great choice. Beautifully dressed characters make immaculate moves on the stilts and leave your guests amazed by their sheer beauty and talent. You can choose from myriad of characters to walk on stilts for your party or event. Some characters that make amazing stilt walkers include Geisha dolls, china dolls, Stilt Ninja’s, Christmas angel, Kangaroo Jill, frilled neck lizards, and many more.

Childrens entertainers: If it is a party only for the kids, or you are expecting a lot of kids at the event, then you have to make some special arrangements for their entertainment. The tough part is that it is hard to amuse kids, but professional childrens entertainers such as jugglers, hula hoopers, face painters, story tellers, puppets, clowns, uni-cyclers, and others can keep the kids entertained, and make the party so much fun.

Now that you know that there are millions of ways in which you can entertain your guests at the party, all you have to do is call up entertainment emporium and let them arrange everything for you. With entertainment emporium as your partner, you can expect your party to be a pleasurable and memorable affair. Whether you are looking for stilt walkers, fire shows, children’s entertainers or any other entertainers for your party, we have all your needs covered.