Stilt Walkers – Interesting Facts on Stilt Walking

Stilt walkers are normally associated with circus performances and kid’s parties. However, there are strange and interesting facts on the use of stilt walking since ancient times. In fact, Stilts have a long history which has been adapted for entertainment and fun. It will be really interesting to know the below mentioned unknown facts about stilt walkers.

  •  Why was stilt walking required? Landes in France used to turn swampy during rains which made it extremely difficult for the locals to walk. That is how stilt walking was introduced as a way to deal with the harsh environment. Also, the shepherds use to use stilts to direct their flocks because they had a better view of the entire flock from that height.
  •  Is stilt walking only for circus or kid’s entertainment? Well, there have been many stilt marathons and many stilt walkers making their way into the record books because of their long walks on the stilts.
  •  Can stilt walking be a sport? Yes, there are stilt jousting tournaments for stilt walkers where each has to try and take down their opponent by kicking, poking, and shoulder butting and knocking down their opponent’s stilts. The last man standing on stilts is declared as the winner.
  •  Stilt walkers have also been extremely successful as fruit pickers, hop pickers, window washers, stilt fishermen etc.
  •  Stilt walkers also take part in extreme sports where the stilts are loaded with springs that allow the stilt walkers to jump 3 to 5 feet and take long strides at a good pace.

There are myriad themes and costumes for stilt walkers which can be used for your event. If you want to add light and glow to your event, you have the LED glow stilt walkers who can mesmerize your audience with their laser gloves, full LED legs and LED top. Geisha stilt walkers create a dramatic effect with their kimonos and parasols. For the disco themed parties, you can have disco stilt walkers enthral the audience with their extra-large afros and weird clothing dancing to 70s music. There are unlimited options one can experiment with stilt walking.