Stilt Walkers – Interesting Facts on Stilt Walking

Stilt walkers are normally associated with circus performances and kid’s parties. However, there are strange and interesting facts on the use of stilt walking since ancient times. In fact, Stilts have a long history which has been adapted for entertainment and fun. It will be really interesting to know the below mentioned unknown facts about stilt walkers.

  •  Why was stilt walking required? Landes in France used to turn swampy during rains which made it extremely difficult for the locals to walk. That is how stilt walking was introduced as a way to deal with the harsh environment. Also, the shepherds use to use stilts to direct their flocks because they had a better view of the entire flock from that height.
  •  Is stilt walking only for circus or kid’s entertainment? Well, there have been many stilt marathons and many stilt walkers making their way into the record books because of their long walks on the stilts.
  •  Can stilt walking be a sport? Yes, there are stilt jousting tournaments for stilt walkers where each has to try and take down their opponent by kicking, poking, and shoulder butting and knocking down their opponent’s stilts. The last man standing on stilts is declared as the winner.
  •  Stilt walkers have also been extremely successful as fruit pickers, hop pickers, window washers, stilt fishermen etc.
  •  Stilt walkers also take part in extreme sports where the stilts are loaded with springs that allow the stilt walkers to jump 3 to 5 feet and take long strides at a good pace.

There are myriad themes and costumes for stilt walkers which can be used for your event. If you want to add light and glow to your event, you have the LED glow stilt walkers who can mesmerize your audience with their laser gloves, full LED legs and LED top. Geisha stilt walkers create a dramatic effect with their kimonos and parasols. For the disco themed parties, you can have disco stilt walkers enthral the audience with their extra-large afros and weird clothing dancing to 70s music. There are unlimited options one can experiment with stilt walking.

Fire Acts – General Fire Safety Guidelines

Fire acts can be adapted into diverse performances which can add a brilliant spectacular to your event. However, one needs to be extremely safe with fire considering the risks involved. Entertainment Emporium is committed to strict fire safety guidelines which involve checking of fire regulations and risk assessments. We also provide risk assessments for your event and venue to ensure highly entertaining yet safe fire acts. Basic fire safety procedures involve keeping the escape routes clear along with signs posted. In case of any fire or emergency, the staffs are responsible for safe evacuation. All the performers and other staff involved during fire acts are trained with basic fire safety regulations.
The fire extinguishers and fire blankets must be regularly checked and maintained. Fire alarms and smoke detection systems need to be checked and serviced quarterly. For most fire acts, the following basic requirements need to be holding good for the venue.

  •  The ceiling height should preferably be at least 4 meters.
  •  Depending on the number of performers for the fire acts, there should be at least 4 square meters of performance area.
  •  In case of any décor hanging from the ceiling, there should at least be a height clearance of 4 meters.
  •  For all types of fire acts, it is usually recommended to leave at least 3 meters clearance from the audience.
  •  In order to keep the performance area clear, there should be adequate security arrangements for the event.

It is absolutely mandatory to have safety precautions in place for any kind of fire acts. A burn kit should be ensured for every performance. The performers should ideally wear fire resistant clothing which has been chemically treated with fire-repellent chemicals. Fire acts require amazing coordination and swift hands. With all the safety arrangements in place, you can just sit back and enjoy the brilliance of fire acts.

Burlesque acts Melbourne – Traditional Tease to Conceptual Art

Burlesque acts Melbourne guarantees an evening of exciting and divine entertainment which will simply mesmerize everyone. Beautiful ladies perform high energy, fully choreographed, svelte and upscale dance spectaculars which includes cabaret, musical theatre, jazz, neoburlesque, belly dance, plenty of tease and brilliant voice performances which definitely creates a modern and sassy performance. Entertainment Emporium have exceptional dancers in their troupe who will ensure the wow factor in their performances. Burlesque acts Melbourne have strong visual impact made complete with beautiful costumes and amazing props.
Burlesque acts Melbourne keeps the audience yearning for more because of the hypnotizing impact of their performance and style. There are burlesque acts Melbourne which concentrates on providing classic entertainment and fun for the entire family. Entertainment Emporium provides tailored packages for your event and also offers customized themes tailored to suit your event and preferences. The champagne glass performance is considered as one of the most exciting burlesque acts Melbourne. With lavish costumes and performances, Burlesque acts Melbourne has been able to capture the imagination and heart of millions across the globe.
Burlesque acts Melbourne is characterized by a dash of elegance, class and sophistication. If you want a taste of classic burlesque elegance then the traditional fan dance definitely suits your requirement. There are burlesque acts Melbourne which involves classic risqué dance with a character based approach of femme fatale. The burlesque acts Melbourne are extremely popular for corporate events, private parties, night club events and even weddings. The fairytale fan dance is an elegant and ethereal performance which definitely titillates the imagination of the audience. Burlesque acts Melbourne have a long history, yet they are extremely popular and very much in demand in the modern age. As more and more people move closer to classic and vintage ideas, the burlesque acts Melbourne will definitely see an upsurge as time goes on.

Acrobats Melbourne – Important Safety Guidelines

Every day there are several acrobats Melbourne who use acrobatic equipment in their line of work to entertain and enthral their audience. It is imperative to follow strict safety guidelines during the installation of acrobatic equipment to ensure safety of Acrobats Melbourne and the bystanders. Although we have definitely seen improvement in the understanding of anchorage points and rigging, there’s still a lot to do to ensure a full proof acrobatic act. Safe rigging is absolutely mandatory for Acrobats Melbourne. This will potentially reduce the risk of accidents and make acrobatic acts a great experience.
Let’s discuss more on the important safety guidelines which Acrobats Melbourne need to comply during their act.

  •  Safe Installation: Faulty installations can cause accidents and serious injuries which can only be avoided by being responsible with the equipment and putting in place all safety measures to ensure safety of Acrobats Melbourne.
  •  Planning: It is imperative to plan your installations properly and with relevant technical knowledge. The choice and design of anchor points and the design of acrobatic equipment should be approved by qualified engineers.
  •  Load capability of the rigging equipment: It is extremely important to choose anchor systems which can sustain required load. Ensure that the acrobatic equipment used by Acrobats Melbourne which includes Pulleys, hooks and slings should all be safe and appropriate for lifting human load. Selection procedure should be extremely rigorous to ensure a completely safe installation and secure rigging for Acrobats Melbourne. Wrong equipment selection can lead to serious injuries and there will be higher risks of accidents.
  •  Importance of Training: Strict training schedules should be planned for Acrobats Melbourne and for people taking care of rigging acrobatic equipment. Continuous training and practice will ensure that there is no room left for accidents.
  •  Inspection: It is important for acrobats Melbourne to do proper inspection of the equipment before and after use. Appropriate maintenance of the equipment ensures longevity and safety.

Circus Entertainment – Choosing the appropriate Act

Circus Entertainment is definitely one of the most preferred ways to guarantee entertainment during any event. From corporate events to birthday parties and club events, circus entertainment can provide spectacular performances which will surely enthral and mesmerize its audience cutting across age. In a nutshell, circus entertainment includes various acts like trapeze acts, jugglers, acrobats, hoopers, clowns and many more. Meant for different events, there are different types of themed circus entertainment. Lets know more about the simple guidelines which will help in choosing the most appropriate circus entertainment act for your event as per your personal choice and preferences.

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Fire Acts – Turn up the Heat for an Enthralling Experience

Fire performers can turn up the heat at your event with a brilliant display of fire acts. Vastly experienced fire performers combine drama, dance, movement, choreography and performance to ensure amazing fire acts which will definitely impress everyone. The dance moves along with the fire acts are carefully managed to ensure sync with the beat of the music. Entertainment Emporium provides professional fire entertainers, fire spinners and fire eaters along with necessary props and party equipments. Our performers demonstrate amazing fire acts in poi, juggling, eating and breathing fire. Read more »